The Challenge

Pools of Fun, a prominent pool service company with four retail locations, faced several challenges that hindered their growth and operational efficiency:

  • Lack of a Formal CRM System: The absence of a centralized customer relationship management system made it difficult to manage ongoing service, support, and marketing effectively.
  • Need for Higher Market Penetration: Pools of Fun aimed to increase their market reach and enhance lead generation by over 180% annually.
  • Integration of Retail and Online Sales: There was a pressing need to connect inventory across all retail locations to their online store, allowing customers to shop online and pick up items at any location.

Services Engaged

The Solution

CRM Installation and Integration:

  • New CRM System: Advised on and installed a new CRM system tailored to Pools of Fun’s needs, integrating advanced features like first and last touch attribution for each lead.
  • Automated Lead Management: Implemented automated lead flow to streamline the capture and follow-up processes, enhancing lead conversion rates.

Digital Marketing Enhancements:

  • Multi-Platform Paid Search Campaigns: Executed targeted paid search campaigns on Google, Facebook, and Instagram to generate leads for pool openings, closings, new builds, and servicing.
  • Content Production and Remarketing: Produced engaging video content for social media and conducted targeted remarketing campaigns specifically for new pool builds.

Sales and Marketing Automation:

  • Drip Campaigns: Installed text and email drip campaigns for sales automation, ensuring consistent and personalized communication with potential and existing customers.
  • API Integration for Call Tracking: Integrated call tracking through API to the CRM, enabling detailed tracking and attribution of marketing efforts.
  • Service Automation with ServiceTitan: Switched to ServiceTitan for customer service management, automating email marketing for annual and monthly services and enabling detailed service history analysis.

The Concusion

Through the strategic integration of advanced CRM solutions, targeted digital marketing efforts, and innovative service automation, Pools of Fun not only overcame their operational challenges but also achieved substantial growth and market penetration. This transformation has solidified their position as a leader in the pool service industry and set a foundation for future advancements and continued success.

The Impact

Organic Ranking

Unique Visits

Page Views

Converted Leads

What The Client Said:

Pools of Fun

Pools of Fun has been working with Steerpoint for many years now. Steerpoint has guided us through many changes in our overall marketing strategy from SEO, effective email campaigns, Social Media, web design and many other aspects. Steerpoint is a valued partner of Pools of Fun, they continually work diligently to meet the needs of an ever-changing marketing strategy.

– Tim Colon- Owner

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