Why Your Business Should Use Google Analytics Attribution Modeling

We at SteerPoint believe fully in integrating a digital marketing plan that includes many elements. The more diverse your attack, the wider net you cast. But without knowledge of which methods work and which ones are fruitless, how will you know if you’re making the correct choices?

Google_attributionGoogle Analytics Attribution Modeling allows businesses to track and analyze which aspects of their marketing are working, and we highly recommend every company implement a set of rules to determine which path your users take to find you.

What is the attribution model?
An attribution model, which can vary from marketing campaign to marketing campaign, provides the path a user takes to get to your page. Your business likely has multiple marketing tactics it employs, such as organic, social media, email, and PPC. These tactics, called acquisition channels, contribute to drawing the attention of a user to your site. These channels work in conjunction to help you create a conversion, which is defined as a purchase, watching a video, signing up for a newsletter — the desired outcome you want your site to perform. By tagging and defining each marketing campaign you use, you’ll be able to figure out which marketing initiatives are working and which aren’t.

Why Use the Attribution Model?
The devil in your marketing plan is always in the details. Knowledge is power. Insert whatever cliche you’d like, but it’s imperative to understand what works and what doesn’t as it pertains to marketing. By taking the initiative to track each of your digital marketing campaigns, you’ll be able to make necessary changes to your marketing plan.

Don’t Waste Your Resources
One frustration of a multi-faceted marketing plan is not knowing what works. Sure it’s great to see results, but if you’re a detail-oriented business owner the inefficiencies of wasting time, energy and (most importantly), money can drive you crazy. You’ll be able to determine how and where to funnel those resources correctly and maximize profits.

Know Your Demographics
Understanding the patterns or your users will help you bolster your efforts in both branding to a specific audience while learning how to expand your reach. Obtaining this knowledge is the key to marketing. The better you can relate to your audience and put yourself in front of the best mediums, the more successful you’ll be.

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