Brand Identity on the web

In the past few weeks I have come across more and more companies that don’t look at the web as part of their brand identity.  In most cases it is the company “gate keepers” that are fighting the connection of the brand awareness and the web.  It’s not that they don’t want to promote their brand; most don’t get the web as a value market channel.  People in these roles are missing the web 2.0 connection with their day to day life.  The web is continuing to explode as the number one research tool and not understanding the habits of your clients and getting your brand on the screen is a sure-missed opportunity in branding. If your Director of Information Service or Marketing Specialist has made any comments in the past that your company doesn’t need SEO, Internet Marketing, or Web Brand Identity, you need to stop and reevaluate your marketing plan.  With all the newspapers and magazine shut down consumers will spend more time on the web for product research and daily news – not being found is no fun place to be!