Beyond SEO: Three Growing Internet Marketing Strategies

The internet today is awash with advertising strategies. Search engine optimization and email marketing reign supreme. But what other forms of internet promotion are out there? And are they useful to growing businesses? Here are a few examples of web marketing strategies you may not have thought of.

Ad Retargeting. Retargeting has become more and more popular in recent years. It involves utilizing cookies to show visitors to your page additional ads about your services or products after they have navigated away. Sometimes this is in the form of a marketing post in your Facebook news feed, sometimes it is a traditional rectangular ad in your side bar. However it is delivered, retargeting is effective at keeping your business fresh in customer minds.

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Social Media Marketing. Social media is revolutionizing the way we share information. Many of the millions of people with accounts will log on at least once daily to browse through events of their friends, read the latest news stories, or sometimes just see some funny pictures. And if your business is optimized for social media platforms, when they log on they’ll be checking in with you, too. Social media marketing can take many forms – offers of contests for likes or shares, teasers about upcoming company events or emails, and sometimes even just interesting articles you think your customers will share. In any case, including buttons on your company’s site that allow for easy social media linking or encouraging participation through emails and prompts is a great way to keep your clients passively engaged. They won’t feel like they’re being bombarded, but your business will still be a part of their daily browsing.

Content Marketing. In contrast to the traditional marketing strategies of ad placement and email alerts, content marketing aims to enhance a business’ credibility in the eyes of its consumers. By shying away from banners and campaigns and instead focusing on delivering pertinent and interesting information one’s clients are likely to read and endorse, this approach allows your business to build itself into an informational source and thereby a reliable entity for your clients. Informative articles written with a specific audience in mind will allow the company publishing them to be seen as an authority while building their brand in the reader’s mind.

Today’s marketing world is all about inserting your company as a tangible entity in your customers’ lives and minds. The best marketing strategies now focus on just that. For help with these 3 Internet marketing strategies or SEO services in Indianapolis, contact us at SteerPoint.