Beyond Hummingbird: Staying Afloat with Google in 2014

The release of Google Hummingbird was one of the main tech updates of 2013, and has already required that businesses begin to rethink their SEO strategies to better target mobile and local consumers. Today, let’s take it a step further with some predictions for what 2014 will continue to bring, digging deep into what Google throws at those of us in the content marketing sphere.

Increasing Influence of Knowledge Graph

We are predicting that Google Knowledge Graph will continue to increase its influence as more people input semantic or localized searches into this search engine. For a refresher: Knowledge Graph, now released almost two years ago, helps web searchers differentiate between search results. For example, if a searcher inputs “meat loaf” and is looking for a bio of the musician, Knowledge Graph will direct them to that search result instead of to recipes for the classic American dinner.

In addition to continuing to optimize for functions like Knowledge Graph, marketers should know that Google has begun to run ads on this search function. This format is also highly localized, so you won’t see ads for products or services (Google started with showcasing cars) outside of your area. With the updates to Knowledge Graph, many users will be able to search for cars in their local area from dealers, simply by inputting a key phrase such as “Honda Civic” and looking at the results for their region.



Structuring Your SEO

Hummingbird was just the tip of the iceberg. Google has made a huge shift overall toward favoring semantic search, getting to know users and their styles of not just typing, but also of speaking. This is because many mobile users are beginning to use voice search.

This is also happening in conjunction with other Google updates that apply to the use of algorithms and analytics. For example, a recent update to Google Search Queries shows a vast improvement in data accuracy, which will help you focus your keywords and pages more adeptly, creating a much greater potential for optimization.


What It All Means

Ultimately, what’s it all come down to? The web giant Google is constantly updating its system to make searchers’ lives easier – but has also created improved ways to make sure that marketers can better access data and information. Ultimately, staying on top of the updates – and reexamining what older updates might do in the future – is what’s going to place your business at the top of the market.