5 Tips for Optimizing Social Media Updates

Social media is the marketing medium to watch. No other marketing tool is as important to the success of a business or organization, from the small start-up to the established corporation, as social media.

social_mediaWith social media in constant flux, businesses still struggle with managing their social media presence. Many leaders understand how much potential is there, but the method to tap into it is a mystery. Not having the skill set, they ignore social media.

However, social media is not as difficult as most people think. Each of these sites began as a way to be, as the name suggests, social. At the end of the day, social media is still about being friendly.

That said, here are a few tips for improving social media presence:


  1. Talk to me. Social media is about having a conversation, so don’t ignore followers. Make posts, tweets, and pins something that will invite people to respond and share with their own followers. Pose a question, make up a holiday, give something away – all of these things will help engage the audience. Also, update frequently. On average, you should have 3-5 tweets a day and 1-4 Facebook posts.
  2. Be picky. Pictures are very important in social media. Don’t settle for images that do less than make your business look every bit as professional, laidback, or exciting as you know it to be. Better to err on the side of a few dynamic pictures than to include mediocre images and bland content. It is always better to have pictures, so do what you can to make them great.
  3. Don’t brag. Everyone thinks their business is the best, but that is no reason to harp on its success. Go ahead and announce if you’ve won an award, but if you are only talking about your own business, you have missed the point of social media. Talk about other businesses, people, and partnerships. Re-pin something. Show that you care about other digital citizens out there.
  4. Be a tease. If you know your business will be opening a new branch or releasing a new product, don’t give out all that valuable information at once. Releasing a small amount at a time will make updates more interesting. Make people excited to track what you are talking about.
  5. Keep it real. It may seem like a good idea to set up automatic social media updates, but people do recognize when there is a not a real person posting/tweeting. Making sure there is a human element to curating your social media profiles will help to guarantee their success.