3 Strategies for a Knockout Holiday Social Media Campaign

The holidays are upon us again, and with them comes another opportunity to connect with your social media followers in a meaningful way. The holidays are all about connecting with each other and forming lasting memories. Which makes now the time to reach out in a way that is memorable and builds your brand. Here are 3 strategies for your holiday social media campaign that will ensure you make the right impression.

Know Your Goal
Any good social media campaign begins with assessing your goals for the campaign. The holidays are a great time to enhance public relations. Demonstrate your values by inviting your followers to join you in supporting your favorite causes. The influx of business at this time of year also gives you the opportunity to make an impression in customer service, and more and more customers are taking their customer service issues online and to social media. Build brand awareness by creating a campaign that connects your organization with the holidays and makes an impression your followers want to share.

Learn from Last Year
Did you run a holiday campaign last year? How well did it meet the goals you laid out at the time? What succeeded and what didn’t live up to expectations? What has been working for you this year in your social media campaigns? Measure your progress in order to capitalize on your strengths and learn from where you haven’t measured up. By analyzing previous results, you avoid the pitfalls of the past and can avoid reinventing the wheel for this campaign.

Keep Your Followers First
Remember, the reason you have a social media campaign is that you want to connect with your followers. During the holidays people tend to step back and reflect on the relationships that are the most meaningful to them. Every engagement you have with your followers during the holidays has the potential to carry added emotional impact. Involve your followers and make them part of the conversation. It can be all too easy for people to forget that there are real human beings on the other side of the screen. Make sure you keep your followers top of mind, and they’ll remember your brand positively.

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