2014 Year End Social Marketing Trends

Online social marketing is a marketing branch that’s constantly in flux, so it’s not wise to base a social media strategy on trends from the beginning of 2014. With the year coming to a close and holiday season in full gear, it’s a great time to take a look over the most prominent social marketing points that are currently trending with the masses.

Here are some pointers for making your holiday social marketing push successful:

  • Mobile first. No longer is it enough to simply keep mobile in mind. Now, it’s imperative that the focus be on mobile as the first line of attack and desktop/laptop access second. More and more, people are browsing and purchasing directly from their phones. With Facebook advertisements and Twitter implementing direct purchasing through Tweets, the mobile phone is a marketing goldmine.Untitled design (31)
  • Video is everywhere. YouTube isn’t the only place videos belong these days. Including small clips and gifs in Twitter Vines and on Tumblr pages are a necessity to remain relevant with today’s audience, particularly the younger generation. Saturating the market with entertaining snippets of video will better lodge your brand in the social subconscious, representing a hefty increase in conversions later.
  • You must pay to play. Unfortunately, valid social marketing isn’t something that comes free anymore. Advertising on Facebook that isn’t within a paid bracket garners only 0.073 percent of brand interaction. That’s a miniscule amount of social media brand awareness and simply won’t cut it when competing with companies who pay for better saturation and display.

Facebook offers a lot of incentives to take advantage of its paid advertising, but the biggest is Facebook’s ability to target people who are actually interested in a given product. Focusing advertisements to people who want a product increases sales exponentially.

  • Diversify. Facebook may be the rooster to the social media chicken coop, but there are plenty of hens to advertise through, as well. The beauty and the irritation of social media is its ability to splinter off into a multitude of social media platform facets. Some of the big names have diversified into smaller offshoots (Twitter, for instance, has Vine and Medium.com) that are more targeted and shouldn’t be disregarded.

The predictions from statistical data regarding the social marketing plans for a sampling of marketers is clear; Facebook is king, and social media is a necessity for successful marketing campaigns. With 92% of marketers focusing their online energies on Facebook and 67% increasing social media spending, it would be a major marketing mistake to not advertise on Facebook and other major social media platforms.