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Analytics a Map To Success

google-analytics-screenshotWhile SEO is what starts the process of online sales by allowing your website to be found on the Internet, web analytics is what completes this circle. With web analytics, you are provided with real-time data on how your website is performing. This information is crucial to helping you make important shifts in where your marketing dollars are spent, bringing the highest return on investment, or ROI, and potentially saving you thousands of dollars over time. At SteerPoint, we offer both website reporting and analytics services to ensure that your company is constantly informed and able to make important decisions about your marketing campaign.

What Are Website Analytics?

Website analytics refers to the study of the way your website is being used. Web analytics examines a number of factors, such as pageviews, which refers to how many people are visiting your website. Web analytics also examine time on site, or the amount of time that visitors are spending on your site, and click maps and paths, which show where visitors are clicking to and where they are navigating away from your website. Essentially, you can use web analytics to track the behavior of visitors to your website. This allows you to improve your website based on that data.

Who Needs Website Analytics?

Any business that has a website needs website analytics. Web analytics are the tool that you use to ensure that your marketing and SEO efforts are working. Without website reporting and analytics, you will have no way of knowing whether or not your strategies are effective. To determine if you need web analytics, ask yourself, how much do I know about my website?

  • Do you know which web page provides the highest ROI?
  • Do you know what keywords convert the most sales?
  • Do you know where you should spend more vs. less of your online marketing budget?
  • Can you identify new or returning visitors to your website?
  • Can you track “Market Shifts” in real time?

If the answer to any of these questions is “no,” you are in need of web analytics.

Benefits of Website Analytics

google-analytics-screenshot2As you can see, there are many important benefits to website analytics. First, web analytics help you to keep track of your website visitors – something which is essential to getting an overall feel of site traffic. Tracking these behavioral patterns gives you important insights into the inner workings of your website, showing you where users are most engaged and where they are losing interest or confused about what to do next. Second, web analytics helps you to take this information and use it to optimize your website for the best user experience. In turn, a good user experience converts into greater engagement and sales. Finally, with web analytics you can develop an improved online marketing and SEO plan.

Website Reporting & Analytics Services

At SteerPoint, we offer website reporting and analytics services to help your business succeed. Our services include:

  • Monthly reporting on Key Performance Indicators
  • Determining ways to increase your ROI
  • Identifying new product line positions available on the web
  • Determining an effective strategy to convert site traffic into active customers

Why Choose SteerPoint?

With over 10 years of experience in Internet marketing, SEO, and web consulting, SteerPoint  offers quality ROI analytics and website reporting services. Our skilled Indianapolis internet marketing consultants are capable of collecting the important data that your business needs and turning that data into an effective strategy for increasing your ROI and converting more sales through your website. To learn more about how we can help your business grow through web analytics, contact SteerPoint today for a free consultation.

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