geo-local-imgIf your company sells primarily to the local market, a national SEO campaign is not for you! What you need is more exposure and ranking at the local level. Do you own a small business that primarily sells to a local market? If so, a national SEO campaign is not the right choice for your company. Instead, what your business needs is greater visibility and better search engine rankings on a local level. Improving your local SEO will help you draw in your target audience – customers searching for products and services in a specific area. At SteerPoint, we work with many small, local businesses to help them improve their rankings in local search results and expand their reach. Allow our Indianapolis internet marketing consultants to help you speak to your local customers and garner their business.


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Local MarketingLocal internet marketing differs from national internet marketing because it is focused on advertising to a specific, local audience. Over the past few years, Google, Yahoo, and Bing have been developing better capabilities and functionality for local search. Both Google Local and Yahoo Local have had a major impact on the way search results are displayed, helping local businesses show up for national search terms. In addition, Google, Yahoo, and Bing have been including local results for organic searches using their “Local Maps” features. This provides even more opportunities for small, local businesses to gain more exposure and raise the competition to gain local customers, even on a small marketing budget.

Who Needs Local Internet Marketing? The businesses that benefit most from local internet marketing are small businesses that obtain the majority of their customers locally. Small businesses that can benefit from local internet marketing range from restaurants and retail stores to doctors and lawyers. Basically, if your company has a physical location that your customers must travel to, local internet marketing will benefit you. Over 4 million business owners have claimed their business listing on Google, which shows how many businesses are benefiting from local internet marketing.

The Importance of Local SEO for Businesses Why is local SEO so important for businesses? The simple answer is that for small businesses, local SEO generates a higher ROI than national campaigns. This is because local internet marketing speaks directly to the customers who are most likely to visit your business. 61% of those who are doing local searches are buyers who intend to make a purchase once they find a local business that fits their needs. In addition, local internet marketing helps you rank better in search engine results pages. With local SEO, small businesses can take hold of two spots on the first page for their keyword terms.

Local SEO: The Basics There are a number of ways that small businesses can optimize their online presence for local search. One of the main components of local SEO is using long tail keywords on your website that include your city and state. These should be included not only in page content, but also in your title tags and meta descriptions. Another important aspect of local SEO is claiming local listings on Google Local and similar services. Garnering a high number of positive reviews on these pages improves your local SEO. In addition, citations are also a key component of local SEO. Citations are places online that list your company’s name, address, and phone number in the same format as your other local listings.

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