Internet MarketingInternet marketing is simply the way to do business in today’s tech world. Look back at newspaper marketing, magazine marketing, direct mail marketing and internet marketing – what do they all have in common? They are all about marketing! The main difference between these types of marketing is where the audience is looking. We know today that 80% of people will search the web before purchasing a product, get daily news and communicate with friends and family.

If you are selling a product or a service you need a strong internet marketing campaign or you will be left out! Some people think that their business is 100% referral (because they are asking new clients), but what they seem to not look at are the referred clients that didn’t call! If 80% of the referred clients research and compare your company and couldn’t find your site or your company didn’t rank for the specific product or service, then you lost another opportunity.

Local Internet Marketing

Local Internet MarketingThrough our certified partnership with YEXT and their “Power Listings” tools, we can improve clients’ local search success. We monitor and update location and mapping data on multiple websites via one centralized portal.

Website Traffic Analysis and KPI

KPIWe understand that there are thousands of numbers to measure and hundreds of possible outcomes. We help identify KPI – Key Performance Indicators – and, monitor to improve your outcomes.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media MarketingOur Social Media Team creates custom social media programs that connect with consumers; we help to make the conversation engaging adding measurable traffic and value to your website.

Brand Identity on the Web

Brand Identity on the Web Your online presence needs to show a unified image that aligns with your company’s branding efforts. We help your business improve brand identity and ensure that your image matches your vision for how your business is portrayed.

Video Marketing

Video MarketingLink building is a controversial practice in search marketing. However, the reality still remains that the major indexes (Google and Yahoo) both rely heavily on incoming links for ranking purposes.

Call Tracking

Call TrackingBy adding call tracking technology to your internet marketing campaign, you will have better insight into what ads and campaigns generate the most calls.

Our Vision

We want to work with clients who want to win in on-line search and know the value of dominating their space. We listen and understand the goals of our clients and customize our strategies to meet their long-term digital plans.

Our Values

There are no shortcuts to success. The days of tricking the search system are long gone. We use 100% White Hat SEO techniques throughout all our tactics and techniques to create lasting organic search strength.

Your Success / ROI

Our outcomes are simple: ROI. We create informed clients able to respond to digital opportunities as they arise. The job of marketing your site never ends, we give our clients the tools to remain competitive in a changing landscape.

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