Pizza Hut and Hulu: Creating a Couch Potato’s Dream

Pizza commercials make us all wish we could reach into the screen and pull out a yummy pizza. Hulu and Pizza Hut have now made that a reality – almost.

Hulu has added in-stream purchasing to its array of fabulous offerings, and Pizza Hut is its first partner. Last year, Hulu raked in over $1 billion in advertising revenue, and a partnership with Pizza Hut is likely to keep that number strong.

Now, viewers can order a pizza while watching their favorite shows. It is a couch potato’s dream come true. While a show is playing, a little Pizza Hut icon will pop up in the corner. Clicking on it will pause your show and allow you to place an order.

How Is It Different from the Pizza Hut App?

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Unlike the current Pizza Hut app, the full menu will be available with an array of different culinary options. Once you place your order, the show resumes, and Pizza Hut receives your order. This is pizza ordering simplicity at its finest.

One More Ordering Channel for Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut feels this new partnership with Hulu will provide customers with ease and convenience like never before. Pizza Hut already has ordering systems in place for laptops, phones, tablets and even Xbox. It really is a forerunner in the world of interactive marketing.

Pizza Hut is sure to profit from its expansion into “in-stream purchase unit” marketing. Most Hulu users are engaged for at least fifty minutes per Hulu session, which is plenty of time to place an order.


An Explosion in Interactive Marketing

Though Pizza Hut will be the first company to utilize Hulu’s new “in-stream purchase unit,” they are most certainly far from the last. We are likely to see the trend explode in our very near future.

Other companies have already introduced interactive commercials. Households with a Samsung Smart Television can immediately purchase merchandise when it is seen on the screen. Some companies are introducing commercials that let viewers click through recipes or style ideas, thus engaging users like never before.

Why In-Stream Purchase Unit Marketing Makes Sense    

The attractiveness of “in-stream purchase unit” marketing is that it completely bypasses promotion and results in direct sales instead. This is indeed appealing to many businesses and could help increase revenue, all while offering significant marketing cost savings. Viewers everywhere should be ready for a change in advertising as we know it.