How to Market on Snapchat

Snapchat has become one of the most popular social media platforms, with around 300 million active monthly users. This video-based app sees more than 1 million new snaps (photos and videos) created every day. With such an enormous following, it’s no surprise that businesses have joined Snapchat to market to millennials. Marketing via Snapchat can see great returns – if you know what you’re doing. Here are four tips for mastering Snapchat marketing.

snapchatShow a Different Side of Your Brand

Snapchat is very different from all other social media platforms. Treat it as the unique opportunity it is. Show a different side of your brand than you have on your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter accounts. Use your Snapchat to post authentic, entertaining, and community-centric content. Snapchat fans want to feel like you’re giving them a glimpse inside your brand. Get to the heart of your brand on this platform, and don’t be afraid to post unpolished, real photos and videos. Your goal should be to foster a deep, emotional connection between your brand and followers.

Build Customer Loyalty Using Exclusive Perks

One way to jumpstart your Snapchat following is to offer exclusive insights, deals, and perks to people who follow you on this platform. Host a Snapchat contest or giveaway to create hype around your profile. Think about offering promo codes or discounts to customers who participate in your Snapchat giveaway. Build anticipation by announcing the event days or weeks prior to the launch date. Snapchatters want to feel like they’re seeing things that other fans do not see. Take advantage of this fact by making Snapchat promotions exclusive to the platform.

Create a Conversation

Again, Snapchat’s primary purpose for your company should be to engage with your customers and community. Start a two-way conversation with your fans by asking for their participation. Post a story asking fans to send you a selfie featuring your product or a video about why they love your services. You’ll get feedback about your company and generate organic brand awareness by creating a conversation that involves your customers. Reply to your fans using the chat feature to go the extra mile to build a connection.

Join Snap Ads

On top of traditional Snapchat best practices, your company should also join Snap Ads. This is a recent development by Snapchat that allows businesses to post video advertisements between the app’s Stories and Discover sections. Snap Ads give you the opportunity to place ads right in front of your target audience. Note, however, that Snap Ads are more appropriate for big companies with large marketing budgets. Snapchat Discover starts at $50,000 per day, while Sponsored Lenses sell for a whopping $700,000. Geofilters may work better for large to mid-size companies. There is a good chance that Snapchat will roll out a more affordable ad feature for local businesses in the future. Stay tuned!