How Google’s Latest Updates Impact Your Digital Marketing Strategy


Within the past few weeks, Google has made significant adjustments to its indexing, SEO, and search engine services. With the abundance of automation in the digital landscape, Google has launched new innovations to combat potential threats and improve current technologies. The company has introduced three updates in particular that they believe digital marketing companies should take note of to combat spam and other problems in the future.

Paid Search Trends

There have been multiple changes to paid searches as a result of automatic search engines and practices, which are already influencing paid advertising and marketing. Google has noticed these adjusting trends and believes now is the most optimal time to make changes to your paid search methods. In order to prevent falling behind on new privacy regulations and developments, it is imperative to stay current with paid search technology, utilize use advertising measures, and refrain from sacrificing return on investment. Google has also stressed the importance of how voice searches can affect paid advertising you see online, something your marketing team should consider.

Failure To Index Webpages

In late October 2023, Google announced difficulties in indexing webpages, and the problem was more complex than initially thought. Some publishers believed their own web hosts were the ones responsible, but after careful review, many distinct web hosts were experiencing similar issues. The problem eventually became clear, as Google was hit with several indexing failure reports. While Google’s CEO explained that indexing happens regularly, some consumers felt this might have been a result of a quality issue. Google is currently looking into indexing solutions to prevent this issue from arising again.

Google’s Spam Update

To fight against spam and decrease the amount of harmful results on their search engine, Google uses automated systems to identify untrustworthy pages and websites so they disappear. Human reviewers are also brought in as additional assistance. Google’s systems automatically label certain websites or pages as spam if they include too many ads, article scraping, hidden links, misleading tactics, and more dangerous tactics. As a result of these measures, Google is able to monitor websites better and prevent users from being bombarded with dangerous or spammy sites.

Why Digital Marketing Is Essential

When you have a strong digital marketing team behind your efforts, you can rest easy knowing your products and services are being advertised without appearing as spam. Google recognizes there’s still work to be done regarding automation, SEO practices, and indexing, though their recent projects that combat spam have already been shown to be reliable. If you’re looking for a digital marketing team to assist your business and improve customer service, our team at SteerPoint can help. Contact us today so we can begin building a marketing strategy that can enhance your business.