Google AdWords Update: Transition to Google Ads

Google launched Google AdWords 18 years ago as its premiere platform for creating and managing digital ads. Advertisers have come to love the platform because it provides an efficient way to spend marketing dollars in a way that is highly trackable. Google recently announced that Google AdWords will be no more (sort of). Don’t worry, the platform isn’t disappearing, it’s transitioning into Google Ads. This major change is coming by the end of July 2018. So what aspects are changing and what can we expect in the future from Google?

google_adwordsThe change to Google Ads comes with a few updates. The main change is perhaps the most obvious – rebranding. Google representatives have stated that Google Ads has outgrown the AdWords name. AdWords makes people think of keywords and thus search ads. Google Ads has become so much more than just the search network, however. The platform envelops video ads, display ads, shopping ads and more. Google feels that the name Google Ads better represents what the platform can do as a whole.

Other changes include smart campaigns and efficiency updates. Smart campaigns heavily utilize machine learning in order to assist Google Ads managers in optimizing their campaigns. These new campaigns aim to assist new AdWords users. Results are mixed when relying heavily on Google to run campaigns for you- but the added option to have them do so is welcomed. Efficiency updates include an updated search feature as well as keyboard shortcut commands. Google wants to make the Google Ads platform accessible to more people and to make it quicker and easier for even seasoned PPC specialists to use the platform and do the things they do on a daily basis.

With Google, there’s one thing you can always expect – innovation. They have a highly talented and motivated team and they’re always looking for new avenues to make marketing better. The Google Ads update is only the beginning of the plans they have to continue improving the advertising platform. Google Ads is a powerful platform that any business of any size can benefit from almost immediately and Google is constantly working on improvements to make it an even more efficient and smart marketing solution.

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