Getting The Attention Your Business Needs Through Social Media

Successful social media marketing requires a high level of engagement with an audience. Not just any audience will work, however. Today, marketers are more focused than ever on finding social media influencers – individuals with followers who regularly and actively engage with content. A brand that can harness the right influencers has a much higher chance of being seen by its target market.

Influencers today are sophisticated.

Here are a few tips for identifying and using influencers to improve brand visibility on social networks:

  1. Predictive analytics tools – Predictive analytics tools are useful for advertising and staying current with content posts, but social media marketers rarely use them to target influencers. Try using an existing or free online analytics tool to measure the influence of online personalities who are talking about your brand online. Most are open to being approached by businesses.
  2. Match influencers with the campaign – Social media campaigns hinge on natural discussion. Keep an eye out for individuals who are already brand advocates and who fit into the framework of your campaign.Instagram
  3. Expand your geographical scope, when possible – Influencers can come from anywhere. Look regionally, nationally, and even globally to find the people who will be the best natural advocates for your company’s message.
  4. Don’t look at follower numbers alone – These numbers provide a first impression, but may not accurately reflect influence. The goal is to reach an engaged following. An influencer with a smaller, but more dedicated following may be better suited for your campaign than someone with a huge, but largely unengaged following.
  5. Understand potential influencers’ work – Before approaching someone, read through his or her social media interactions. Knowing an influencer’s opinions, motivators, and beliefs can help you start a lasting business relationship.
  6. Target relevant social media sites – When a new platform arises, always look at whether your existing customers and new prospects are using the network. Companies like Twitter even help brands identify influencers in specific markets.

Identify what you can do for your influencer, and start the conversation with a question or comment about their social media posts or a thread. Find a mix of influencers who accurately represent your average consumer as well as those who are experts in their areas. You may find another business opportunity through your influencers. For instance, L’Oreal co-branded a line of cosmetics with one of their top influencers and industry expert, Michelle Phan.

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