Future Of Digital Marketing

AI & Automation

Knowing your customers and clients well is obviously key to developing an effective marketing campaign. With AI and automation now becoming more common, information can be gathered a lot faster to create effective customized ads to meet the needs and interest of your audience. It reduces the time and costs previously needed to study and understand your audience because you have factual information based upon their most current behaviors. Having real time information like this allows you to quickly know and understand your customers and clients and get ahead of your competition to get relevant advertisements in front of them.

Voice Optimization

With people now becoming more familiar and using voice assistance on their phones and other devices, businesses and organizations should use SEO to optimize websites to better recognize voice searches. What people type into a search engine can vary from what they may speak into a voice search. Therefore, your SEO strategy will have to be adaptive to this change as voice optimization continues to grow.

Personalized Content

With so much digital video content being consumed every day by each one of us, it makes it much more important that your video content stands out from the rest. Your audience is much more likely to engage with your business or organization if you can find a creative way to recognize them as a specific individual and provide them with a relevant offer or recommendation. If you don’t personalize the content that you create you run the risk of being passed over with all of the other basic and generic content that is consumed every day.

Social Commerce

With so many of us now spending a lot of time on social media, it is no surprise that this has become such a big opportunity to implement ads. Most people are now discovering new products and services through their social media feed through reposts from friends and paid advertisements. However, social commerce has the goal of getting your customer or client the ability to purchase your product or service directly from within the social media platform without having to be redirected so that they can make their purchase much more easily.

Visual Search

Visual search allows you to use images as the input into a search engine. WIth AI the image can be assessed and return results to you that are similar to the image that you included in the input. Therefore, your business needs to be prepared for this growing trend as more and more people shop this way, and you will need to adjust your digital marketing strategy to make sure that you don’t get passed up by your competitors.


Chatbots can be included in your website to quickly respond to commonly asked questions. This allows you to respond more quickly to your customer’s inquiries as they are shopping or browsing your website so that they don’t leave your site with unanswered questions. Chatbots can be used to make orders, delivering customer support, scheduling meetings, tracking orders, and sharing news and updates.


Neuromarketing evaluates how your customers and clients receive information and how they are inclined to respond to it. It seeks to understand specifically why your audience make their purchasing decisions, and how they respond to specific marketing ads. With this type of information you can better learn and understand your audience to present them ads that they will be inclined to respond to.

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