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Facebook Live: The Future of Engagement

In case you haven’t tried it yet, Facebook Live is here, and it’s changing the way brands do business. Let’s break down what Facebook Live is and why it’s relevant to your business. What Is Facebook Live? Facebook Live is a newly integrated video platform designed for users to broadcast to their followers through Facebook. Your followers can receive alerts from Facebook each time you decide to hit record. Why Are Live…

Algorithm Changes on Facebook to Affect Brands

From last week, news came in that Facebook would be prioritizing the postings of friends and families over that of news media and brands. As expected, this announcement drew both negative and positive feedback from users. We at SteerPoint figured we’d dig a little deeper in identifying what these changes mean and whether they’re a good thing or not.

Microsoft Buys LinkedIn for $26.2 Billion — What Now?

The dust has finally settled on the recent transaction by tech titan Microsoft acquiring business-oriented social networking service LinkedIn. Much has been speculated on what will happen from the purchase, and we at SteerPoint figured we’d list the possibilities.

Tweeting Emojis? Marketers Will Find You

Did you know July 17th was World Emoji Day? Well, if the high holiday of cartoon crying cats, pizza, and emoting faces on them passed you by, you also likely missed the news that Twitter is now allowing companies to target ads to users tweeting specific emojis.

New Instagram Logo Stirs Up Internet

There’s nothing more likely to elicit a riotous response on the internet than when a big tech company changes their logo. And when Instagram mixed up theirs’ recently, well…oof…it didn’t go so hot.

Twitter: Do New Changes Really Matter?

Big news coming from the Social Media Changes Department once again this week, as Twitter announced it will increase character limit in tweets to contain 140 characters while still including pictures and links.

Instagram Changes their Algorithm — Will It Affect Their Coolness?

Photo-sharing app Instagram has made major changes to how it’s users will view content moving forward. According to Instagram, the problem is that users aren’t seeing 70% of their followers posts. To fix this, they’ve decided to base the order of their users’ feed on a complicated algorithm determined by who they follow, how many likes certain pictures receive, and more.

Making Social Media Work for You

These days, almost everyone uses social media. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram are all popular. Thanks to them, you can find out what people across the country and the world are doing, saying, and thinking even if you’ve never met them before. Businesses can benefit from social media, too, but many business owners aren’t sure how to make social media accounts work for them. In fact, some entrepreneurs are hesitant to use…

What a “Dislike” Button on Facebook Would Mean for Your SEO

Everyone’s universal, instant reaction is to enter a fit of panic when sweeping changes are made on social media. Remember last year when you updated Twitter on your phone, and suddenly you found tweets from someone you never followed on your timeline? Or when Facebook launched its own clickable hashtag the year before? From a user’s perspective, when a change takes place it feels Earth shattering. But the lasting effects on alterations…

Using Social Media to Increase Your Business

Not knowing how to use social media properly can make it feel like a liability instead of an asset. Today, we’ll show you a few ways to use social media to increase your business’ popularity and enjoy your work more. Update Consistently Sometimes the less time a task takes, the more likely we are not to do it. A Facebook or Twitter update only takes a few seconds, but many business owners…

The Death of Facebook Has Been Greatly Exaggerated

Facebook hit the internet in 2007 and was an instant hit, particularly among millennials. Other social networks such as Google Plus, Twitter, and Instagram followed within a few years and enjoyed similar success. Now however, reports indicate some social media networks, particularly Facebook, may be becoming passé. Today, we’ll examine whether that’s true and what marketers in all fields can learn about their own social media presence from the rumors. Is the…

Facebook Rolling Out Updated Notifications View

Today when you log on to Facebook via your smartphone, you may see your most recent interactions, tagged pictures, invites and a few other notifications when you navigate over to the “notifications” tab. The few relevant updates are about to encompass more relevant information in an easy viewing format. Facebook has not stated when they will be launching their new improvements. When they do, users will enjoy an expanded and more intuitive…