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Why do Companies lie on Google Local?

Today I was at a client’s office putting together a new Google local campaign for their product and services.  About five minutes into the conversation one of the partners “Googled” Indianapolis SEO and only one site came on the Google map (authoritative One-Box).  The question was proposed, “Why are you not on this list and why is there only one company listed?”  I explained that many factors go into the 10-pack, 3-pack,

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Why are there so many Twitter Quitters?

The word Twitter is being used from your local tv stations all the way to MSNBC. People hear that it’s the ultimate social media platform that you can be active with some of your favorite newspersons, movie stars, professional athletes and friends from your past. But once you sign up you realize that there are little security features to prevent people from following you and reading your every thought. Then there are

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SEO – “The Derby Theory”!

Most clients don’t understand the true value of SEO, so I recently developed the “Derby Theory“. This is when you have the best horse in the field and in the right starting gate, but when the gate opens and there is no jockey to guide the horse to the finish line. Most clients will have a solid look, feel and functional site but are still missing what is need to be found

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