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How to Budget for Internet Marketing in 2017

It may seem early to start thinking about advertising for next year, but it never hurts to be prepared. Here at SteerPoint we understand the value of a clear plan. That’s why we’re sharing these tips for internet marketing budgets.

Google Maps Promoted Pins: What They Mean for Your Business

There are a few new features making changes in Google Maps, and we’ll start noticing them soon. One of these tools is a new type of ad referred to as Promoted Pins, which will allow businesses to show their specific logos instead of the standard designs from Google. And Promoted Pins isn’t the only modification headed our way.

Pokemon Go: A Future Platform For Small Businesses?

Upon the inception of augmented reality juggernaut Pokemon Go sweeping the world, we’ve already seen a full compliment of accompanied stories materialize as a result of the game: someone found a dead body, people were robbed, strangers banded together, public outcry, privacy hack conspiracies, etc. All of this has happened pretty quickly, and these outcomes have been somewhat predictable.

Down the Rabbit Hole: The Future of VR Marketing

What caught our eye at SteerPoint was Facebook reporting they’re now shipping the virtual reality system Oculus Rift to homes. What does VR marketing have to do with digital marketing, you ask?

Which Hosting Is Right for You?

Setting up your site involves crucial decisions on a number of different items. You must select the right platform, appropriate tags and best technologies to support your site. But one of the most important steps in creating a functional site is choosing the right host.

Be Prepared for Targeted Political Ads This Election Cycle

As our world continues its swift shift into a digital world where advertisers know you better each passing day, it’s only logical that there will be a heavy emphasis on targeted marketing for the 2016 elections. And with Super Tuesday, your digital feeds are about to be inundated with personalized ads based on your preferences.

Why Email Marketing is So Important

With the emergence of content marketing and social media, it’s important to not neglect the power of a great email campaign. At SteerPoint, we provide customized marketing solutions for businesses of all sizes. Our team of experienced professionals are happy to work with your company on creating an effective plan for 2016.

Tracking Brick-And-Mortar Sales with Digital Marketing Leads

Up until recently, it’s been difficult for physical stores to determine from where sales of specific products were sourced. It’s understood that the majority of products purchased at malls and retail stores were researched online before a consumer would walk in and buy them. No longer are people making impulse buys willy nilly — people do their homework before committing to a purchase. It doesn’t matter if that product is a part to a car or a boutique t-shirt.

Part IV: How Does a Digital Marketing Agency Justify Their Costs

Proper education on products and services provided is key to establishing a partnership with our clients. Often times, the biggest hang-up in negotiating a contract is price, and understandably so. Stomaching anything that costs thousands of dollars shouldn’t be easy! But often times, businesses think products and services should cost less than what they do.

Part III: What Does Organic Marketing Mean and Why Should I Pay for It?

What separates us from other SEO firms is our process in helping your site increase rankings. We incorporate long-term strategies that combine effective SEO tactics with dynamic content and engaging social media posts. We’ve touched on this before, but our core values revolve around creating you a site with a great foundation designed to grow over time.

Identifying and Setting Realistic Expectations for Digital Marketing

One reason we are penning this series at the beginning of the year is to help you better understand what it is exactly you are buying when you commit to a relationship with a digital marketing agency.
In our last article, we touched on how you should budget your marketing dollars. Cost aside, the reason you engage in digital marketing in the first place is for results. And the first step in getting the best results is setting realistic expectations.