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Digital Marketing Fundamentals (And Why They Matter)

The online marketing world is a daunting egg to crack for anyone unfamiliar with all the buzzwords and concepts, but don’t worry—if you can use your social media account, chances are high that you can learn to be an effective digital marketer.

SteerPoint – A Full-time Digital Agency

To succeed at any job or to accomplish any task, you have to have the resources you need available to you when you need them. That seems to be a pretty simple premise. With the health crisis isolations and work-from-home positions being more and more the “normal”, it seems like most major companies are re-thinking what it really means to be a company. We have been thinking and re-inventing as well.

Fake Reviews? Ethical Business Practices & Digital Marketing

Creating fake reviews may seem like a quick and easy way to attract customers and boost your business’s local profile, but beware of the consequences. Doing so not only violates Google guidelines, but is actually breaking the law. This practice can also backfire and severely diminish your reputation if consumers suspect fake reviews are being utilized.

Online Marketing Trends to Wrap up 2017

This time of year, business owners and website developers put the finishing touches on their holiday preparations and start to look toward the year ahead. The past year brought shifts in how successful companies marketed their brands online. Forward-thinking entrepreneurs analyze where the industry is headed to plan for successful marketing into the new year.

Using Affiliate Marketing to Reach Your Target Market

Affiliate marketing is one of the oldest and most successful advertising strategies used today. The approach allows brands to pay relevant audience publishers to promote products and services in return for an action-based commission. For brands losing ground in email marketing and social media marketing campaigns, affiliate marketing represents an alternative and potentially lucrative path to success in 2017.

PR or Marketing: Debunking The Differences

The line between public relations and marketing has blurred significantly in the last decade. The Internet has made small businesses think big and national corporations act at a local level. This evening of the playing field has been a good thing for businesses by and large, but tricky for marketers and public relations professionals to gain a foothold on exactly what their role is.

Why We Love WordPress

So, your business has determined the time is right to build an eye-catching, cutting-edge website that performs well on search engines. That’s the easy decision. What comes next can be challenging.

Is It Time To Rebrand?

We at SteerPoint have developed years-long partnerships with many of our clients. On multiple occasions, we’ve witnessed our clients decide, for any number of reasons, that their best move is to rebrand. As a full-service digital marketing agency, we have a proven track record of putting fresh business ideas into action. Don’t know when it’s right to rebrand? Here are a few hidden signs that it may be time.

The Future of Budgeting for Digital Marketing

Much speculation has taken place regarding how much a business should spend on digital marketing. Whether this is a dollar amount or a percentage, the expectations for what a company must pay to make an effective campaign possible has changed. And not being able to accept change could leave your business behind the eight ball as the future shakes out. SteerPoint works with companies of different sizes daily on maximizing their reach online. Here’s our forecast for the future of digital marketing costs.

Cheers to a great 2016 from SteerPoint

As 2016 draws to an end, we here at SteerPoint figured it would be an excellent time to recall important news for our readers from both our company and the digital marketing industry in addition to some nuggets of knowledge to catch you up to speed.