Verizon Innovative Learning / PLTW

The Situation

Verizon Innovative Learning provides free technology, free internet access, and hands-on learning experiences to help give under-resourced students the education they deserve. In partnering with PLTW, we are giving kids the ability to do more in this world. This online portal will provide teachers like you access to fun, free, interactive STEM activities exposing kids to new skills like virtual reality, augmented reality, 3D design and more.

The Challenge

The objective and ultimate goal for this project is to create a website where educators can register and provide school demographic information with the purpose of gaining access to various materials and subject matter including lab content, videos and workbooks. From this site, educators will be able to facilitate labs on various content to their students using the tools provided within.

The Solution

We developed the website on a CMS system using advance API tools and membership systems to allow teachers from Elementary, Junior High and High School to register for free online classes offered by Verizon. To achieve this we had to have the signup process use the most active database of the National Center for Education Statistics so that each teacher could find each school NCES School ID for proper tracking and reporting. We utilized a membership system to allow different levels of educations to see all or certain classes available online. The next step was to set up a tracking and reporting system to give feedback on all users entering the system, downloads, time on site and various analytic data.

Services Engaged

  • • Analytic Reporting
  • • CMS Management
  • • Custom UX Development
  • • Lead Generations
  • • SEO
  • • Web Development