The Challenge

Material Handling Exchange (MHE) faced the dual challenge of increasing sales through paid advertising while simultaneously reducing costs. The company needed to optimize its pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns across different states, identify the most effective geographic locations for advertising based on performance data, and determine the optimal allocation of advertising budgets to maximize returns. MHE also sought to minimize logistical costs associated with liquidation assets by reducing transportation expenses.

Services Engaged

The Solution

AI-Powered Micro-Analysis of PPC Campaigns:

We implemented an AI-driven strategy to analyze PPC campaigns by state. This involved:

  • Advanced AI Analytics: Leveraging AI tools to process large datasets, MHE could track leads and revenue from each campaign, calculating the cost per lead and cost per acquisition with greater accuracy.
  • Performance Optimization: AI algorithms analyzed performance data to identify the most effective campaigns and provided predictions on future trends, enabling proactive adjustments.

Custom Integrated Dashboard for Data Integration:

We developed a custom dashboard that integrated data from all channels. This tool provided:

  • Comprehensive AI Reporting: The dashboard used machine learning algorithms to generate detailed reports on campaign performance, optimizing marketing strategies in real time.
  • Predictive Insights: AI provided forecasts based on ongoing data, assisting in making informed decisions about where to focus future marketing efforts.

CRM Enhancement with AI and Attribution Models:

We enhanced their CRM system by integrating first and last touch attribution, which involved:

  • Attribution AI Modeling: AI was used to refine the attribution models, ensuring each lead was accurately linked with its initial and concluding interactions.
  • Enhanced Lead Intelligence: The integration provided a deeper understanding of the customer journey, with AI analyzing touchpoints to identify which interactions were most likely to lead to conversions for our ICP (Ideal Customer Profile).

Geographic Optimization for Liquidation Assets Using AI:

To address the cost of transporting liquidation assets back to headquarters, we utilized:

  • Pinpoint Geographical Opportunities: We analyzed market data to identify profitable locations for acquiring liquidation assets, considering factors like local demand and potential selling prices.
  • Targeted PPC Campaigns: AI tools optimized ad placements and timing based on regional data, enhancing the effectiveness of localized marketing efforts to reduce overhead costs.

The Conclusion

Through the use of advanced AI technologies and our expertise, we successfully enhanced MHE’s PPC campaign strategies, optimized their geographic marketing efforts, and integrated sophisticated data analytics into its CRM system. These AI-driven initiatives not only increased sales and reduced costs but also provided MHE with a competitive edge in data-driven decision-making and operational efficiency.

The Impact

Achieved true organic ranking locally and nationally for top spots desired on Google search for all three sites. Customers increased from Midwest only to over 45 states. Company now acquires over 90% of all business online.

ROAS (Per Campaign)

Increase in Total Site Visits

Increase In Leads

Converted Leads

What The Client Said

Material Handling Exchange

SteerPoint has made all the right changes to get us on page #1 nationwide for all of our key terms. We have been with other firms who said that they knew what they were doing, but SteerPoint is the only firm in 16 years that accomplished what was requested. SteerPoint is our marketing department, and we count on them for print, email, website, and sales tracking.

– Kevin L

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