The Challenge

Before partnering with us, IVM faced challenges in PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising with their previous national agency, which failed to deliver desired results. Seeking a more effective approach, they turned to us for our expertise in in-depth analytics, robust reporting, and personalized attention, including frequent strategy discussions. IVM also had a premade-themed site where it was not easily customizable and had major connectivity issues throughout the site.

Services Engaged

The Solution

Enhanced Call Tracking

We implemented a sophisticated call tracking system, providing a detailed view of the user journey and enabling first and last touch attribution.

Budget Optimization

Our strategic approach significantly reduced overall ad spend while enhancing lead quality.

Shift in Bidding Strategy

We transitioned from a ‘Maximize Clicks’ approach to a ‘Maximize Conversions’ strategy, focusing on generating high-quality leads rather than sheer volume.

LinkedIn Branding Campaign

Recognizing the potential of LinkedIn for B2B engagement, we executed a successful branding campaign, further solidifying IVM’s presence in the industry.

Website re-coding

We re-coded their website from a premade theme to a fully custom coded website, enabling it to have quicker load time and a better user experience.

Trade Show Marketing

Before, during, and after the show, engage your audience with targeted tools like social media, geo-ads, email campaigns, digital tools, and CRM, followed by strategic follow-ups using ads and data mining.

The Concusion

Our tailored PPC approach for IVM not only cut costs but also enhanced the quality and quantity of leads, demonstrating the effectiveness of our data-driven strategies and client-centric approach. As a result, IVM has strengthened its market position, achieving more with less, and setting a new standard in their digital advertising efforts.

The Impact

Decreased Total PPC Spend

Increased Leads

Increased Form Fills

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