Daigle Oil

The Situation

Daigle Oil is a company aimed at helping Northern and Central Maine residents perfect their heating, cooling, and energy systems. Beginning as a one-man operation in the 1950s, it has grown to have more than 200 employees, each with a skill for customer service and forward-thinking.

The Challenge

Though Daigle Oil’s website was solid and functional, it had fallen behind among the advanced and complex websites of today. Realizing the website was not generating as many leads as it could, Daigle Oil brought us in to help revolutionize their online presence.

One of the most critical parts was connecting the website to a third party PCI compliance system. ControlScan had the PCI security programs but needed our development to add them to the site to complete the process.

The Solution

We took the highly custom UX website design and developed four different themes on Wordpress CMS. The key was to increase usability on the pages and to ensure that every user could navigate throughout the site without getting lost in the journey. We also developed a connection with a third party PCI compliant company to create a custom data collection form to ensure that all data collected and transmitted was completely secured. After the design and development was completed we engaged our search engine optimization package and data collection points to provide valuable analytic data to the owners of Daigle Oil group.

Services Engaged

  • • CMS Management
  • • Custom PCI Compliant Forms
  • • Custom UX
  • • Lead Generations
  • • SEO Setup
  • • Web Development