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Why Focus on Mobile Local SEO in 2017

If you’re a regular Steerpoint blog reader, you’ll recall that we have preached over and over and over and over about the seemingly perpetual increase in the reliance on mobile devices among users. 2017 will most certainly continue to push the limits of how people use their mobile device.

So how do you ensure your business is capturing as many local search customers as possible through mobile marketing?

– Get Your Site Responsive ASAP. In a day and age where any website worth its salt is mobile-friendly, users patience for non-responsive sites quickly wears thin. If your website needs to be coded to fit small screens, contact us at Steerpoint Marketing today.

– Shorter Load Times. One of the greatest factors that contributes to a poor user experience is a slow load time. Google’s algorithm penalizes sites that lag when they load.

– Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). Utilizing AMP pages puts your site’s essential info at your user’s fingertips at lightning fast speeds. How does it work? The technology, co-developed by Google & Twitter, offers an elementary version of HTML code that includes unique CSS and virtually zero JavaScript. The result is a leaner, meaner site optimized for mobile.

– Pay Per Click. We’ve sung the praises of how powerful PPC is to all of our clients. To show you, type in the phrase piano lessons into Google.

The first three results take over the entire screen with paid placement. Your business has the opportunity to do the same with relevant, industry-related keywords. And the time to act is now, as the both the premium on space and the price per click is as inexpensive as it ever has been.

If your business has questions about its local SEO stacks up in2017, contact us at Steerpoint Marketing. We are a full-service digital marketing agency based in Indianapolis and will help your business with reach, engagement and an increasing ROI. Visit our site for a no obligation SEO audit today.