The Value of AdWords Display Ads – Soon to Be Google Ads

Google AdWords is an exciting platform for businesses of all sizes to advertise their product or service online.  As Google gets ready to update from Google AdWords to Google Ads, we take a look at the value of display ads.  Display ads offer advertisers a great method of reaching their audience online – and that won’t change with the new update.  Google Ads itself is broken into different networks, or medium types, which businesses can use to advertise in different ways. 

Today, let’s discuss the value of the Display Network, targeting methods and re-marketing.

The Display Network

Brand awareness is at a premium in 2018 as businesses compete for consumers’ headspace.  How can you gain the attention of potential customers in this culture cluttered with ads?  If you run a small to medium sized business, chances are you spend quite a bit of time trying to solve this problem.  That’s where the Display network comes into play.  The Display network allows you to place ads where your customers spend their time online.  Chances are you’ve surfed the web and seen a lot of ads on the websites you visit.  This is how these sites make money and how advertisers can gain brand exposure.  With Google Ads, you always are in control of your ad spend and budget.  The data is at your fingertips and can provide invaluable information as you make business decisions.  While the Display network will help with branding, it should be viewed as an investment that will not necessarily result in a lot of direct conversions.

Think of the Display network as an intricate system of online billboards.  Display ads have one key feature that sets them apart from billboards, though.  They can be targeted at specific audiences.  The first way you can target your ads is through the use of keywords.  Much like the Search network, the Display network can use broad match keywords to place your ads in relevant places online.  For instance, if you are selling basketball shoes, you can use basketball as a keyword to match your ads with sites that pertain to basketball.  You can use Placement targeting to select specific sites that you want your ad to show on, such as ESPN.  You can target through Interests, to show your ads on a variety of sites that match the interests of your potential customers.  You can utilize Topic targeting to show your ads on sites that match the exact same topic.  In addition, you can use Demographic targeting to show your ads to audiences who have similar traits such as gender or age.  Finally, you can use Audience targeting to show your ads to a specific audience that you collected.

One key use for the Display network is re-marketing.  Ever wish you could touch base with those customers who poke around on your website but ultimately leave without a conversion action?  The Display network allows you to show your ads specifically to this select group of people who are more likely to engage with your ads by utilizing the Audience targeting method.  When using this strategy, you are essentially elongating the conversion funnel to recapture a lot of this traffic that could lead to a sale. 

The Display network is a great tool for increasing brand awareness.  You can conduct remarking and target your audience in a number of different ways.  A Display campaign can supplement any marketing campaign to help with branding without breaking the budget.

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