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Designing a New Website in 2017? How to Stay Current

Your website is the epicenter of your online presence. Without a good design and some excellent content, it’s impossible to stand out from your competitors. Design trends are always changing – something that worked in the past may not be the best bet for a new year. Utilize these web design points to stand out from the crowd in 2017.

Have You Outgrown Your Hosting?

You may not think much about your website hosting provider, but you should. They aren’t all created equal – and today’s competitive marketplace offers several options. Know the signs of a lackluster hosting service and when it’s time to move on to someone new.

AMP Pages: Why These Are So Critical to SEO Success

Search engine optimization (SEO), like any other discipline, constantly evolves, though it arguably changes faster than most. We must adapt our strategy at the speed of technological advancements, which requires vigilance and constant research. Mobile optimization has been the watchword in recent years, which led to the concept of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs). Learn what they are and the role they play in your SEO.

How to Translate Snapchat Followers into Business Leads

Facebook and Twitter capture a lot of attention for social media campaigns, but there’s another platform worthy of our attention. Snapchat has quietly gained steam over the past few years. It boasts more than 100 million daily users and is valued at a whopping $20 billion. That’s a lot of untapped potential. Learn how to target your Snapchat followers and turn them into business leads or even loyal customers.

Google Penguin is Now a Part of the Core Algorithm

SEO is an ever-changing practice, and search engine giants like Google issue algorithm updates frequently to discourage low-quality content practices. Recently, the tech firm announced that its latest update, Penguin, is part of its core algorithm. Learn what Penguin is and how it will affect your SEO practices.

Creating an Effective Business Instagram Profile

Social media is absolutely vital to modern business. Creating an account is free and gives you access to a limitless world of advertising and customer service. Most businesses already have a Facebook page, and a good portion of them have Twitter accounts as well. But what about the image-based service known as Instagram? Setting up and maintaining a profile through this platform is easier and more effective than you might think. This service is a great way to target a younger generation of users who don’t want to be with their mom on Facebook anymore.

Why Building a Website with a Theme is a Bad Idea

There’s a countless number of build-your-own-website businesses out there. You can choose from pre-made templates with standard themes and insert your information and images where you want them – and you can have all this for free. In most cases, you have at least a degree of control over fonts and colors, but most users simply leave things as they are in the example. They’re wildly convenient and relatively cheap, so we should all use them, right?

The Importance of PPC Advertising

Everyone knows proper advertising is vital to the success of a business. It’s a fantastic way to draw in new customers or motivate previous patrons to make another purchase. With so many advertising options out there, however, finding the right strategy can be confusing. A wonderful strategy, especially for small businesses, is pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

New Google Update: What does it really mean?

For the first time in the history of the internet, computers aren’t the leading technology for web browsing: mobile devices have taken the #1 spot. This isn’t a shock—when was the last time you logged onto a PC or Mac to do a search? Based on projections, this will be the norm for the future. This doesn’t come as a surprise, considering how powerful smartphones are, but it is changing the way that we do business online.

LinkedIn Adding Videos: Are They Competing With Facebook?

Facebook is the most popular social platform. It has more than a billion users worldwide and almost limitless content. People connect with one another and share their stories, thoughts, images, and videos. Something you may not know, however, is that LinkedIn is taking steps in this direction too.

How to Budget for Internet Marketing in 2017

It may seem early to start thinking about advertising for next year, but it never hurts to be prepared. Here at SteerPoint we understand the value of a clear plan. That’s why we’re sharing these tips for internet marketing budgets.