Artificial Intelligence: How Can We Use It To Help Your Business?


Until recently, technology was not an interpretive medium. Though you could make calculations or search for information, the actual interpretation of the results was up to you. Those days are no more. Artificial intelligence (AI) is a rapidly-developing field of science that develops interpretive technology or “intelligent computers.” Though the systems on the market aren’t perfect, they are quickly becoming qualified to do a wide range of jobs and tasks in every field imaginable. For the business owner, this is fantastic news.

Now is the time if you haven’t explored AI for your business. We’ve assembled some of the key ways that AI can support your company.


Not only does AI eliminate the need for lunch breaks, but it also collects, organizes, interprets, and provides information much faster than any person ever could. However, this is a concern for those who believe that robots are taking our jobs; in reality, having AI handle certain menial tasks frees employees to do more important tasks that humans can only do.


Humans make mistakes. Not only can AI eliminate errors from its own work, but it can also detect errors in certain projects that employees have done.

It is important to note that AI does make mistakes, particularly in certain areas. Language and art, though possible for AI, often lack the finesse and quality of a human writer or artist. Until the technology has developed further, AI’s quality enhancement appears most clearly in data-driven, repetitive tasks.


AI is revolutionizing the way that companies hire new employees. While resume or career websites can provide applicants who have certain data points, AI can take the first step to interpret if an applicant would truly be a good fit. Some programs will review an applicant’s resume, other job applications, and social media to create a pros and cons list of each candidate’s traits. This gives you straightforward information to inform your hiring decision. AI bots can even accurately answer questions for applicants, which saves significant response time.

AI can search resumes and job boards much faster than any employee can, meaning that you can pull from a larger pool of qualified applicants.


With on-demand AI, apps and websites can now change to support each individual or consumer. Consider Netflix, for example. As you watch movies and tv shows, the app’s AI gains information about the genres, actors, and themes that you like. With this additional information, Netflix can offer more accurate recommendations for what you would like and can do so instantaneously.

With this approach, your company can achieve a higher degree of customer satisfaction. The phrase, “you can’t please everybody,” is now untrue, thanks to AI.

Get AI Into Your Business

AI is a truly innovative tool that can support businesses of all sizes and fields. If you have pain points in your company’s operations, AI may be the solution you have been waiting for. With our help and your unique personal goals in mind, AI can bring your company to the next level. Contact SteerPoint today to get started.