What were you expecting? Our BEST work?

The best SEO companies do not position their clients’ names or terms on the web to show how good they are! Clients choose to engage with a Search Engine Optimization company so that they can be found and beat their competition on the web.  Once you identify all keywords, strategies and functions and then implement the SEO phase, you have given your client the right path on the web to gain the upper edge.  Once they get  to the top, they want to stay there!

So why do current SEO companies advertise their clients’ information?
Our best guess is that they are more worried about getting their next client then taking care of their current portfolio!  Let’s face it, if Dorothy wasn’t given the Yellow Brick Road she would still be in munchkin land!

Our best clients are ranking in the top ten for their keyword terms.  Most (if not all) of their competitors do not have a clue it was completed by SEO functions.  There is a good chance that your company’s lack of ranking is caused by a stealth SEO campaign by your competitor.

Steerpoint keeps all of our active clients confidential so that you get the max out of your SEO!


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