5 Tips for Building Your Brand and Establishing a Brand Identity

A brand is defined as a set of features that sets your business apart from others. These features can include a logo, slogan, name, and many more. Brand identity is the “personality” behind the brand that is used to communicate with potential or current customers. Building a brand and its identity takes time, and we’ve compiled four tips you can use to craft and improve both.

Know Your Audience

Knowing who is interested in and buying your products or services is crucial when you’re just starting out. Determining these demographics is important as this will change how you market your products. For example, if men aged 18-35 are the demographic most interested in what your business is doing, your brand identity will adjust to draw this demographic in. However, your brand identity would be completely different if your primary demographic is instead women or preteens.

Create a Unique Logo

Logos aren’t everything when it comes to brand and identity, but they are still a critical part of both. Your business’s logo is the most recognizable part of your brand, and you’ll want something clean and consistent. Also, a flexible logo that can be easily changed is more effective than a logo that may have to undergo major revisions. Your business should stick with a logo that can be used in several different mediums or formats, such as business cards and commercials.

Regularly Look at Your Analytics

Routinely using analytics and reviewing them is crucial in understanding what to improve or continue doing. For example, if your brand identity is focused on drawing in college students, you can look at your analytics and determine if college students are indeed drawn in by what you’re doing. You can evaluate your data if you notice a drop in engagement and determine if your brand needs to compensate for this.

Focus On Your Own Business

It’s easy to get invested in what your competition is doing, but it’s important to focus on your own business. Don’t copy other businesses with similar services as your own. This not only doesn’t work (as someone else is already doing it), but this won’t help your business stand out. Put your own twist on what others are doing, and truly make the effort to stand out from the crowd.

Engage With Your Audience

Social media has given us new methods of communicating with others, and businesses that regularly use social media to engage with customers tend to retain them. Ensuring your online and offline presence is similar is important; accomplishing this can greatly benefit your business. Be sure to avoid sending mixed messages to your customers. To maintain your brand, you’ll want to rework your advertisements if the imagery doesn’t quite fit with the text.

SteerPoint Can Help

Building a brand and its identity can be challenging, no matter how old your business is. When your brand struggles in any aspect, it can be difficult to find what needs improvement. At SteerPoint, we provide businesses with solutions that create or improve their brand identity. Contact us today for more information about how we can help with your brand identity.