5 Social Media Marketing Tips That Work

Social media marketing is the best way to engage with your customers and build your brand. However, many brands struggle with finding social media marketing strategies that work for them. When it comes to social media marketing, the key to success is finding the best way to engage with your target audience. Rather than outright selling your products and services, social media marketing is about connection and showing off your brand’s personality.

With these five tips, you will be able to improve your social media marketing strategy.

1. Find Your Objective

The first step to good social media marketing is finding your objective. Recently, Facebook changed their ad buying interface to be objective-based. This means that when you begin creating your Facebook ads, the tool will ask you what your objective is: for example, you may be seeking engagement with your posts or clicks to your website. While this interface is exclusive to Facebook, identifying your objectives is still a good way to begin your social media marketing strategy.

25363583992. Ask Questions

When you are posting on social media networks, one of the best ways to drive engagement is to ask questions. Customers love to see brands asking questions because it provides them with a voice and the opportunity to share their opinion. In addition, remember that asking questions and receiving answers is a two-way street. If fans or followers pose a question for your company, you should always respond with an answer.

3. Make Connections

On social media, the point is to make connections. However, some brands often forget that there is a reciprocal relationship involved in making these connections. While it is often not practical to like or follow all of your fans, connecting with some of your customers on social media is a great tactic for making your brand more personable and driving customer engagement. Some brands make a habit of regularly following a few users who tweet at them, respond to their posts, or participate in a contest.

4. Build Passion

Another important way to drive customer engagement on social media is to make posts that resonate with customers. Whenever you make a post on social media, it should be something that is carefully selected to spark conversation and be shared. Posts that cover subjects that your customers feel passionate about are sure to bring in comments, shares, likes, retweets, etc.

5. Never Sound Forced

Last but not least, your presence on social media should never sound forced. Your brand’s image on social media should be one that is infused with personality and sounds as similar to the average person as possible. Consumers enjoy seeing the personality of their favorite brand come out through social media, and being personable ensures that you will make connections.

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